I am writing this letter to praise the GREAT job that you are doing at Harmony Place. My mother has been a resident for over 5 years. She seems much happier in the last months due to the efforts of the staff. I myself have attended all the social family functions throughout the years. This year’s Christmas party was wonderful! It was so heartwarming to see the residents truly enjoying and participating in the music. Santa Claus was a big hit! I truly enjoyed the entire evening. My mother is starting to do crafts (painting). It is imperative to remember that many of the residents led very interesting lives not too long ago. It is truly a delight to see the ladies laughing and enjoying themselves.

I feel you should be recognized for all your efforts and jobs well done!


 I am taking this opportunity to express some thoughts on behalf of my friend…I know she would wish them shared with you and the staff at Harmony Place. During her stay at Harmony Place, she had the experience of meeting and getting to know many of the staff. She developed a genuine fondness and appreciation for them. While she was determined to be independent and to a large extent was, she knew the people at Harmony Place were there to assist her when needed. In many instances, she thought many of the staff to be her friends and liked and enjoyed them very much.

 On behalf of her, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you. Thank you!


To the Staff at Harmony Place,

Thanks to all of you for your kindness to us on the loss of our dad. Thank you for the beautiful flowers, the messages of condolence and attendance at his funeral. We appreciate everything. Thanks also for all that you did for our dad while he lived at Harmony Place. You took great care of him and helped to make his last days happier, despite all of his health issues. His time there were truly good ones.

My mom moved into Harmony Place a few years ago and she reports that it is the closest thing to home. She loves the people and the staff are great. Everything she needs is right here at Harmony Place. Our entire family has peace of mind knowing she is safe, happy and content.